Stop looking for purpose

“Follow the dream”, “Do what you love”, “Find your vocation” – we have heard these loud phrases many times. They promise us a fabulous life full of happiness and inspiration. You need to solve only one puzzle – find yourself. Kalolk blogger does not share this approach and warns: having played in search of himself, you can miss real life.

If you cannot understand what to do in life, the advice “do what you love” will only annoy. He is banal and useless. If you had an irresistible craving for a certain case, you would not sit here, folding your hands and expecting inspiration. I advise you to stop the search for the case you love with all your soul.

Firstly, it’s hard to find something if you really don’t know what you are looking for. Secondly, love involves the dominance of emotions over reason. If you are trying to figure out why you have come to this world, you should not discard rational thoughts and go into all the heavy. You need to know yourself very well to find your “cause” for life in this world.

Believe me, most of us have to conduct a real study. You can’t sit still and wait for a happy occasion. You need to get up and go forward, study and explore, make attempts and make mistakes.

Do not worry about the search for your favorite business. The main thing is to act. Life is not a chain of insights. It is not always possible to accurately determine the moment when everything falls into place, the stars converge or the event triggers thoughts that open up a deep understanding.

Most often understanding and insight occur gradually. But if you just sit and wait for something important, nothing will come of it. You run the risk of sitting on the spot until it gets too late.

If you place a frog in a pan of water and gradually increase the temperature, it will be welded alive. The frog does not notice the danger until the water heats up. We can also be in her role. Poster is our daily life. You sit calmly, do nothing and get closer to an unpleasant discovery.

Fleeting ideas, desires, moments of inspiration-signs that encourage you to do something. But you do not notice them because you are looking for something significant. You want to be an archimedic who jumped out of the bath and shouted: “Eureka!»But this will not happen.

If you live according to the invented rules, then one day you will wake up and ask yourself: “How I ended up here?”Of course, you are not a frog that the villain threw into a pan to cook. But the world around us changes us. Gradually, vital ups make you forget about who you are and why are you here. But once you knew all this. Once you lived in a wave of creativity and did not know fear.

It seems to you: if it were a real calling, it would be thunder like a thunder among a clear sky. But this is not true

Creativity Expert Ken Robinson in a speech at the TED conference “Schools suppress creative abilities?»Raises this problem: we are not taught to develop creative abilities, although this is necessary. On the contrary, we are taught to isolate the creative part of the personality.

You are closed due to the fear of condemnation, rejection, betrayal, loneliness, failures and bad decisions. This is also facilitated by self -doubt, doubt, complexes, envy and anger. Under the weight of these feelings, you bury your true “I”, as if under a mountain of garbage. But under this mountain there are still you: flair, intuition and cherished desires that are barely audible declare of yourself, but you are dismissed from all this.

It seems to you: if it were a real calling, it would be thunder like a thunder among a clear sky. But this is not true. In fact, there is only you and the quiet voice of your “I”. Perhaps your moment of illumination is a aching feeling in the abdomen or intuition that pulls you by the sleeve to attract attention.

Do not ignore these barely noticeable signs for the sake of searching for purpose. Stop looking for a mythical calling, get up instead, move, study and study. Set a goal for today: do something, create something new. Then show the result to another person and rejoice together. Repeat this tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and after the afternight. That is how we pave our own path.






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